Nicky Lim

⚙️ Software Engineering — 👐 Open Source — 📖 Educator

About Me

I'm a Software Engineer, Computer Science graduate from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Passionate in building impactful software products and imparting knowledge to others.

I had multiple experience in the domains of business integrity and SDLC at technology and investment banking companies. In my spare time, I also contribute to open source projects, mainly around Rust and Gleam ecosystems. My interests are in backend development, distributed systems, and programming languages. Other than programming, I do enjoy sports and playing musical instruments.

Work Experience

May - July 2023

Summer Analyst – Java-Slang Integration SDLC

Goldman Sachs

  • Migrated a legacy, custom-built VCS into GitLab for SDLC standardization across the firm
  • Engineered a solution to create a read-replica of the monorepo of 12+ years with 316k+ commits, while maintaining data integrity
  • Designed a financial AI assistant plugin for Marquee (digital platform for institutional clients of Goldman Sachs) in an internal hackathon
JavaSlangSecDBGitGitLabNextJSGPT APITailwind

December 2022 - May 2023

Backend Engineer Intern – Actor Review Tooling


  • Reduced 200 human-review hours and 4.2K moderation tasks per week by implementing a real-time task abandoner
  • Streamlined database accesses and improved maintainability by integrating data services across multiple repositories in the pipeline
  • Enhanced data schema consistency and integrity by implementing a robust validation layer
  • Optimized human reviews and mitigated content risk on TikTok by deploying a task ranking model pipeline based on LGBM
GoMongoDBGrafanaKiteXApache ThriftGitLabKafkaRocketMQHivePythonPySparkPyCaretPandasFaaS

May - August 2022

Software Engineer Intern – Human Review


  • Developed a self-served human review training workflow on an internal platform, reducing moderator onboarding and training time
  • Increased labeling use cases from 22% to 71% and built dashboards for monitoring new features
  • Improved UX on the labeling platform by processing long-running tasks asynchronously
  • Collaborated with Cross-Functional Teams (Product Designers and Engineers) from Singapore and US through regular and ad-hoc meetings


August 2020 - June 2024

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science)

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  • Graduated with Honours (Highest Distinction)
  • Specialized in Data Science and Analytics, and High Performance Computing
  • Achieved Distinction in Data Structures and Algorithms, Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • Relevant courses: Distributed Systems, Compiler Techniques, Database System Principles, Advanced Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Advanced Algorithms


April 2024 - Present

Gleam Compiler – Open Source Project

  • Improved developer experience by enabling more LSP features
  • Enhanced the extensibility of adding LSP code actions

May 2023 - Present

Rust Compiler – Open Source Project

  • Contributed to improving compiler error diagnostics
  • Migrated documentation generator to Askama (template rendering engine)

August 2023 - May 2024

Vortex-SegFormer – Final Year Project

  • Improved up to 17% recall, 11% F1, and 17% IoU against state-of-the-art vortex detection models
  • Removed reliance on patch sampling without sacrificing inference performance
PythonPytorchTransformersComputer VisionFluid Dynamics

September - November 2021

EverydayFit – Academic Project

  • Led the team in frontend development throughout the SDLC with Agile methodology
  • Developed UI and push notifications in mobile for displaying weather forecast, and weather-related activities using React Native
React NativeExpoExpressJavaScriptMongoDBGitHub

May - July 2021

SiFinance – Personal Project

  • Developed a personal finance mobile app using React Native for wealth management, with visualizations and expense tracking
  • Deployed to Google Play Store and downloaded by more than 60 users in 3 days
React NativeExpoJavaScriptGitHub